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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

What is R Wandering?

This blog will track my thoughts on software, process, tools, and technologies. I will also use it as a place to post approaches and solutions to technical problems I come across. I have a bit of a backlog of these that I plan to write up over the next month (e.g., some nant and ccnet stuff, developing COM interfaces and documentation for .NET, some Preemptive posts . . . ).

I have been developing software since high school and basically full time since I was a Junior at Cal. I finished there 15 years ago and have since helped build a couple of companies as the software technology lead. While my primary responsibility is generally planning, designing, and building software product I have also been responsible for or directly involved in every aspect of the business. I’ve been on company boards, managed human resources, hired and fired, performed technical selling and evangelism, worked through various due-diligence processes, sold a company, and more. Aside from developing software, one of my favorite things to do is to discuss business issues with fellow entrepreneurs.

My company, Digipede Technologies (, sells the Digipede Network, a Windows-based distributed computing product built upon Microsoft .NET.

I became interested in distributed computing while at Energy Interactive ( Among other products we had an energy billing solution designed for billing the most complex commercial and industrial customer for energy providers. Billing was a long running process and we needed to come up with a way to shorten the total run time for a billing cycle. When scaling up was no longer an option, we did the next logical thing: we scaled out. To do this, we ended up rolling our own solution using DCOM, but, we felt that there had to be a better way. That is one of the motivations for the Digipede Network –a packaged solution with the tools to make it easy to grid-enable applications.

In terms of development technologies, I’ve spent most of my time working with Microsoft tools and technologies. I first started with Windows 2.0 and have, of course, worked on all of the Microsoft platforms since. I have worked with C++, VB, MFC, COM/DCOM, ATL, everything from ODBC to ADO.NET, Java, MSMQ, SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, and more. Now, I am fully a .NET and WinFx developer.

In addition to my work I also manage a couple of FreeBSD servers for hosting email and Web sites.



And none of that explicitly defines R Wandering.



    sharon wrote @ September 4th, 2005 at 9:14 pm

Looks like you’ve posted your resume!! 😀 I’m curious what R Wandering really is…unless its your wandering thoughts??? maybe…

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ September 5th, 2005 at 3:00 pm

Well, not exactly my resume . . . I don’t think “R Wandering” will be a mystery for long.

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