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The Expo

I spent a little bit of time trolling around the Expo today at PDC05. My company, Digipede, has a booth at #123. Come by and say hello.

Check out the JetBrains booth. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them today. Apparently, they came out here all away from Czechoslovakia. My whole team uses their product Resharper. It does refactoring for C#. Refactoring is cool. But what I really like about the product is its searching capabilities. It allows you to enumerate / list exact references to classes, types, members, etc. No more “Find in Files” to try to determine how a particular item is used. I was amazed at how much this boosted my productivity. It helps in refactoring, obviously, but also in code audits (where was this defined?), debugging (where is this field being set?), and just straight coding.

MSDN Universal subscribers: don’t forget, always bring your ID card to these events. They always have something special to give out to subscribers. Or maybe it is just to Universal subscribers. Anyway, go talk to them. I got a cool rollup keyboard (that I think we’ll go nicely with my new JASJAR).

I was interviewed today by Doc Holladay at They told me I did a good job. But I think they get paid to tell me that. They are all really nice and I think they have the giveaways (those blinky spiky balls) that will be the biggest hit with my kids. I have rarely been interviewed in that way (i.e., in one take with no editing). I certainly enjoyed it, but went away feeling I could have been crisper. Next time!


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    Expert Texture » Blog Archive » ReSharper 2.0 wrote @ March 31st, 2006 at 2:46 pm

[…] I have blogged about the JetBrains ReSharper product before (here, when I saw them at PDC05). I really love this product. I’m happy to say that their current pre-release (or early access program) of Resharper 2.0 works quite well with Visual Studio 2005. Visual Studio doesn’t come close to the refactoring capabilities of ReSharper. In addition, it has a much better symbol-searching facility and NUnit-compatible unit testing. Check it out. […]

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