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Windows CCS. CCE?

Windows CCS is the Compute Cluster Solution that the Microsoft HPC group is working on. This is a collection of tools and prescriptions for reservation-based clustering on the 64-bit Windows platform. Windows CCE (Compute Cluster Edition) is a version of the Windows Server 64-bit Operating System tailored to clustering.

One of my posts yesterday mentioned Windows CCE (regarding a talk at PDC05). I expected to hear about that in today’s talk by Kyril Faenov. So far, though, I have heard no mention of it. There is still time for this tomorrow (there will be a Windows CCS (or CCE?) demo on stage with Bob Muglia at tomorrow’s keynote).

Kyril’s talk on CCS today was a good primer for people unfamiliar with MPI and message passing in general. It is interesting to see how many parallels there are between the work we have done at Digipede and the work being done by Kyril’s group. This will ease the integration points between our systems.

I’ll post more on this another time – now, sleep is beckoning.


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    Dan Ciruli wrote @ September 14th, 2005 at 2:29 pm

Love the blog! Check out mine at! Link to it today!

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