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Newsgator Outlook Edition trouble? Reinstall!

I have been using the Newsgator Outlook Edition for the past year and was pretty happy with it, but I just realized that it has been discarding posts somewhat arbitrarily.

For example, I had subscribed to the PDC Bloggers feed and hadn’t gotten a new post since the Wednesday of the conference.  With all of the feeds I was reading, I didn’t even notice.  Several other feeds have been behaving the same way.  Newsgator online was working fine, though.  Definitely not the feeds, just the reader.

A trip to the Newsgator support site clued me into “Shift-Refresh” as a way to force a refresh of a feed.  This didn’t work.  A service release (SR2) was released earlier in the month.  Upgrading didn’t make a difference.

Uninstalling and then re-installing did work.  Now I have (unfortunately) a whole lot of posts marked as unread.  It is a good think that Newsgator can sync your feeds from the web site.  Handy feature, really.



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