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eScience / Marty Humphrey

Marty Humphrey directs the group that builds WSRF.NET.

WSRF.NET is both an alternative to the Globus reference implementation (built on Java / Tomcat) and a toolkit for developing WSRF-compatible Web services using ASP.NET.  See this paper for a good overview of WSRF/WSRF.NET (note that isn’t the purpose of this paper, but it does it just the same).

The grid-standards community owe these UV guys a big thanks for taking the standards and building an alternate implementation – further validating the standards work.  This proves (again) that the standard can be implemented, that it is functional, that it works and is not biased towards a specific language, application server, or OS.  Of course, the implementation also provides feedback into future standards efforts.

It also validates a basic tenet of our approach: .NET is a terrific platform for distributed computing. 

A great challenge for this industry is to take the excellent work done by computer scientists (and other domain experts) to solve these greatly hard problems and distill them down into something that is accessible to/by “normal” people to solve their real problems. 

The standards are definitely helping make this a reality, but the tools built on these standards will really make the difference.

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