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eScience / Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan showed off the work his group is doing at NASA: World Wind.  Think Virtual Earth and Google Earth packaged in a slick smart client layered with scientific data fetched from data warehouses from around the world.   Check it out here:

He really wowed the audience with: 

  • Multiple satellite views
  • USGS topographic maps
  • Place information (the kind of stuff you see on a political map)
  • Elevations in relief
  • Seismic / weather data

And more, all in a zoomable 3d view off the earth.


Plus a version of it is available for Windows Mobile!


Probably the most impressive part was that it was all done in one year by one programmer straight out of college.  That says a lot about the productivity one can achieve with the Microsoft tools (it is all .NET and DirectX).


Apparently the CEO of Google praised the NASA group for the accomplishment.  It took them 30 programmer years to achieve the same result.

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