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Distributed / Grid / Controls?

Dan’s post (Grids? Clusters? Distributed Computing?) explains why we refer to the Digipede Network as “Grid Computing for Windows“. 

Several speakers at the recent Microsoft eScience Workshop defined Grid as well and many others steered away from the term altogether.  As Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman are generally credited with the definition of this term (from his book), there are many people who think of Grid as being exactly Globus.  To these people, Grid means large, complex, multi-organizational, cross-platform (mostly Unix and its pretenders) computing systems that integrate sensors and visualization with distributed computing power.

As we are trying to bring simplification to this kind of computing, I wanted to steer away from calling our product a “Grid“.  I truly thought it would be more confusing if we did so; however, I was wrong.

We found again and again that when we described our product we often ended with  “you know, like a computing grid“.  That was when people began to get it. 

So, we decided to go directly to the punchline. 

Of course, we have also had a few people ask us: your whole company is based on a grid (i.e., tabular UI) control?   😉

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