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Skipping Version 1.1

Our main push right now (aside from getting our Professional version out the door) is to finalize the specs for the next release of the Digipede Network: version 1.2.

There will be a few API improvements, many performance enhancements, native support for .NET 2.0, and more.

You might ask, what happened to version 1.1? Version 1.0 of the Digipede Networkis built on .NET 1.1. The next version will be built natively on .NET 2.0. Naturally, this version would have been version 1.1, but we felt this might confuse people. As the change from .NET 1.1 is a significant one to our customers, we felt that it might be easier just to skip 1.1.

Less confusing? I hope. Still confusing? Maybe. Misleading? I hope not.

I have always been very strict about proper use of version numbers and skipping a minor version could be perceived at a marketing ploy. That isn’t why we’re doing it, although I hope that our decision is viewed as slightly whimsical, if anything.

BTW: I was really hoping that the Visual Studio RTM would have been out last week. I need to get my development team using all of the new tools and would just as soon avoid an unnecessary tool install/upgrade cycle.

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