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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

VS Launch Partner Appreciation Party

John Powers (the Digipede CEO) and I went to the Microsoft Partner Appreciation Party at Frisson in San Francisco as prep for the VSLaunch event at Moscone center tomorrow. John and I had a great talk about how the Digipede Network is a great fit for SaaS in general.

The party was fun. They had a custom drink menu for the event:

Drink menu at the Visual Studio Partner Party

The “Visual Studio 05” wasn’t bad.

As we were heading out of the city, we found ourselves driving into a dead-end loading zone.

John said: “What we are doing here is slightly illegal.”

It became clear that If we continued we would have had to drive over a sidewalk.

I said: “No, what you are about to do is illegal. That is what makes you a visionary.”

And, no, we didn’t have too many drinks at the party!

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