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Updating File Versions in Resource Scripts

I just added an article on using UpdateVersion to update resource scripts for unmanaged code. You can read it here.

An excerpt:

At release build time, we update our version numbers using the UpdateVersion utility by Mike Gunderloy, Scott Hanselman, and Matt Griffith. This works fine for managed assemblies, but it doesn’t work for versioning unmanaged Win32 DLLs using the resource script.

I solved this problem while dealing with a completely different versioning issue (related to VS2005’s inadequacy regarding Win32 resources in managed assemblies).

Interestingly enough, just as I thought about posting this, I found on the MSBuild blog that a new MSBuild task similar to the UpdateVersion utility has just been posted to GotDotNet. If and when we migrate to MSBuild, this might just do the trick, but I suspect there will still be some extra work to get this to help with resource scripts.

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