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TechCrunch / Riya launch party

I attended the TechCrunch / Riya launch party last night. Pictures on Flickr are here. It was a good time — thanks to Michael Arrington for hosting the party.

Some people I met or reconnected with:

  • Steve Gillmor. We talked about the AttentionTrust a bit; I’ll blog more on that soon. Unfortunately I jokingly raised the “Office Dead” topic with him and Robert Scoble again and found myself in a minor repeat of the Geek Dinner / Parking Lot discussion (described here in a previous post).
  • Of course, Robert Scoble — he brought his son. Seems like a nice kid.
  • Zach Coelius of Triggit. Zach, it looks like you jumped on FeedBurner after our discussion!
  • Ramana Kovi of ePlatform. Robert Scoble first blogged about ePlatform here. I sat in on a demonstration that Ramana gave to Steve. Kind of a Web portal allowing parents to manage the whole family’s Internet experience. All on .NET, too.
  • Many of the Meetro guys. They all moved out here from Chicago a few weeks back to setup shop in the Valley.

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    TechCrunch wrote @ November 19th, 2005 at 10:25 pm

Riya’s Launch Party @ TechCrunch

We reached a new milestone in our ongoing experiment to see how many people can fit inside my house before the police come and arrest me: over 250 last night (previous record was 200ish) at the Riya Launch Party.
The thing I liked best about this par…

    Jim Basman wrote @ November 19th, 2005 at 11:13 pm

“It isn’t about the hardware, software, OS, development tools . . . it is about” … different kind of people?

Note: I moved the “anti-Microsoft” part into a subsequent post as it wasn’t really the point of this post.

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ November 20th, 2005 at 9:04 am


Thanks for your comment — I may have not been clear. I don’t have a problem with the people being different. I spend a lot of time with pro Microsoft / .NET people who are dismissive of the value of other technologies. I also bridle at that, but there is something different about it being “cool” to be against something.

Please, be against something, but not because it is cool.

Note: I moved the “anti-Microsoft” part into a subsequent post as it wasn’t really the point of this post.

    Zach Coelius wrote @ November 21st, 2005 at 11:07 am

Yep, good call. Now I get to see who is reading me. See you next time

    Expert Texture » Blog Archive » TechCrunch 5 wrote @ February 18th, 2006 at 11:58 am

[…] These parties are on an upward trajectory (I wrote about the previous one here). Last time there were boxes of pizza strewn about; this time there was catering — some of the food was quite good. Last time it was very cold in the backyard; this time there was a tent. Last time it was pretty full; this time it was absolutely packed. Next time, I think Mike is going to have to get an even bigger tent. Anyway, thanks to Mike and Robert Scoble for the great time. I see in the pictures that Robert and Shel Israel took off their shirts for a photo (I missed that). Here are the Flickr photos. Even better, Robert’s Dad was there. And of course Patrick Scoble was also there. Robert’s dad must be very proud of his son / grandson. […]

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