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Skype 2.0 eliminates the “Skype Scramble”?

There has been a lot of recent discussion about Skype 2.0, what integrating video does for Skype and if it even matters. I have 2.0 beta and am still using it for (just) voice calls.

One thing that occurred to me, though, is that video calls (w/microphone and speaker-enabled cameras) might help reduce what I call the “Skype Scramble”, or for short, “Skrymble”.

If you use Skype (or any other computer / VOIP software), you know what I’m talking about. This is when your computer starts to ring and you start scrambling for your headset. It often goes something like this:

  1. Computer starts ringing.
  2. Where is my headset? There it is. Grab it.
  3. Begin untangling the wires.
  4. Instant message the caller to say “hold on, I’m untangling my wires.”
  5. Settle for your wires being hopelessly tangled and crouch close to your computer.
  6. Answer the call.
  7. Say “hello” a few times though you cannot hear anything.
  8. Adjust your headset volume through its built in dial.
  9. Say “hello” a few more times. Still cannot hear anything.
  10. Realize your computer volume is too low for voice. Adjust that.
  11. Now you can hear. Say “hello” again because the caller clearly cannot hear you.
  12. Flip the “mute” switch on your headset.
  13. Proclaim success. Apologize.
  14. Enjoy your free call.

A video camera with integrated mic and audio mitigates this problem, right?

At least if it is plugged in . . . 😉

OK, so maybe I don’t see why Skype 2 matters either.

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    Geoffrey Gowan wrote @ December 7th, 2005 at 8:07 am

Hilarious! I haven’t used skype calls very often, though I used to use it a bit to contractors in India. I would usually send a text message first to make sure the person is ready to receive my call.

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