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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

Dave Winer’s Berkeley Blogger Dinner Recap

And a thanks to Dave Winer for organizing the event. Sorry to say, I still haven’t met the man. Had a good time at the dinner last night — met many interesting people:

  • Scott Mace: working on the swamp of calendar formats so we can actually have shared calendars that work.
  • Scott Rosenberg: look for his coming book (in November) on the Chandler product.
  • Sylvia Paull: talked about what to blog and what not to blog; what to look forward to as a parent; and about nerdliness.
  • Jay Cross: talked about all sorts of things . . . he pointed out that Vista is going to be a bonanza for training companies.
  • Steve Hill: has a cool idea for geographically distributed events.
  • Edward Piou: cool to talk to a FreeBSD user for a change. FreeBSD rocks!

And a shout out to the enigmatic Dr. Chadblog (aka Chad Williams) — didn’t get a chance to talk this time.

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