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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson


DigipedeLike many startups, Digipede started before we had office space, employees, a Web presence, and of course, any real hosting service. At the time, I ran several FreeBSD servers for my friends and family distributed all over the place. These all supported primaries and secondaries for DNS and mail, Web sites, and other services. This is where we originally hosted all of the Digipede services. Well over a year ago, we moved email and our Web site to a hosting company. One thing that we left in place was DNS.

The FreeBSD servers were a bit of a hobby for me which I recently quit.

Those of you who tried to access the domain over the weekend know where this is going.

It slipped right past me that I was still hosting Digipede’s DNS. As a result, Digipede appeared to go dark over the weekend.


Luckily, the Digipede DNS secondary was still up and running (though its slave zone data had expired). Once Nathan realized what was going on, I was able to update the existing DNS secondary while starting the propagation through the registrar of the new DNS servers.

I’d like to say this is all “business as usual” in a startup, but it was completely my own fault. My apologies to anyone affected.



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