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Paying for Good Enough

J Wynia posted about how Good Enough Often Is. He talks about an experience with a company a few years back where the president’s motto was good enough never is. I like his post.

I started my career at a consulting company (Quantum Consulting, Inc.). Then president, Bruce Smith, used to say that our customers weren’t paying us for perfection. This resonated with me for its pragmatism. As J Wynia puts it:

Fundamentally, good enough usually *is* good enough. After all, “good enough” means it met a set of requirements. It accomplished the goal. And, when reaching good enough costs $10 and “perfection” another $100 or $1000, it becomes pretty hard to make a *rational* argument for why we should pursue that particular perfection.

Of course, if you are launching people into space then spend the 10 or 100 times as much time and money to approach perfection. Otherwise, just strive for good enough. Good enough is often quite challenging on its own (and of course, doesn’t preclude greatness).

I say: strive for greatness, achieve good enough, and forget perfection.

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