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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

Yes, what a week

Dan had quite a week (see his post, What a week!) at Digipede. We have a couple of new customers this week and a new release of the Digipede Network 1.2.

Unfortunatley, I wasn’t much help: I have been out most of the week with something my kids brought home from pre-school.
A lot of other things happened this week, too:

  • Vista was delayed. Not surprising, but certainly disappointing. I guess this gives the ISV partners even more breathing room on the various Touchdown / BetaOne commitments.
  • Mix06 happened. I wish I had been there — I’m sure Robert Scoble would have invited me to that Bill Gates Lunch 😉
  • SunGrid launched. And then was overwhelmed by a DoS (or just flooded by interest?).
  • Tara Hunt unveils her Pinko Marketing Manifesto. It looks like she has some really good ideas here; however, I think her choice of imagery is going to be a stumbling block for too many.

Lot more too, but these are some that struck me.

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    Tara ‘Miss Rogue’ Hunt wrote @ March 25th, 2006 at 1:35 pm

Hey Robert,

Thanks and I agree with you on the imagery…I’m working this weekend on toning it down. 😉

Oh…and, although I get it all of the time…Tara Reid is the actress – Tara Hunt is the crazy ass blogging marketing girl. 😉

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ March 25th, 2006 at 4:37 pm

Thanks for the comment and yikes: sorry about your name! That is what I get for posting while being mildly feverish. I had an error in each of my last two posts. Cheers!

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