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A Vista plea to Microsoft

So, Vista is delayed. One must assume that Microsoft has made the best choice with the information at its disposal — certainly better info than the second-guessers who have pounced on Robert Scoble.

I am left with a couple of questions, though:

  1. What does this mean about Vista Server? That was already delayed beyond Vista Client. Can we hope for that in 2007? 2008?
  2. What about WinFx? I can understand why Workflow Foundation may need to track the Office 2007 release, but do Communications Foundation (WCF) and Presentation Foundation (WPF) have to wait for Vista? Do these parts really need 6+ months more work? And what about Atlas?
  3. And, of course, what about IE7? Is IE7 really that far from ready?

On my 2nd and 3rd questions, it is hard to imagine that Microsoft will release final parts early — it would take some of the wind out of the Vista sails — but as a software developer, I hope they do.

It is very difficult for ISVs to incorporate these new technologies into products while the dates keep slipping.
My point here isn’t to jump on the dogpile, but to make a plea to Microsoft:

Please, while retaining focus on quality, release WinFx and IE7 as soon as possible. Please do not wait for Vista’s release to make these components ready in final form.

Can anyone from Microsoft comment?

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    Rob Relyea wrote @ March 26th, 2006 at 9:02 pm

Robert –
Thanks for posting your feelings on this. I’ll make sure that your opinion gets heard inside of Microsoft (at least for WinFX).

Right now the plan is for WinFX to ship when Windows Vista ships to corporate customers…Which I believe we said was November of this year.

I’d suggest leaving a comment on IE blog for feedback on IE. I’m not sure of IE’s plans.

Rob Relyea

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ March 26th, 2006 at 9:25 pm

Rob: thanks for the comment. Any more information is certainly welcome. I’ll head over to the IE blog and ask there. Cheers.

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