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ReSharper 2.0

logo_resharper.gif I have blogged about the JetBrains ReSharper product before (here, when I saw them at PDC05). I really love this product. I’m happy to say that their current pre-release (or early access program) of Resharper 2.0 works quite well with Visual Studio 2005. Visual Studio doesn’t come close to the refactoring capabilities of ReSharper. In addition, it has a much better symbol-searching facility and NUnit-compatible unit testing. Check it out.

I have only recently started using ReSharper to run unit-tests (in addition to It is to the point where I’m close to replacing altogther. Don’t get me wrong: is an excellent product (at a very good price), but I prefer the UI integration of ReSharper.

And for me, the clincher: the JetBrains dotTrace profiling tool is easily launched directly from the Visual Studio UI. Just select the test and click on the dotTrace icon. For this to work, you also need the EAP version of dotTrace.

You can find the JetBrains Early Access Programs here.



    Alexandra wrote @ April 24th, 2006 at 1:46 am

JetBrains has recently released ReSharper 2.0 beta. Details are here

    Sergey wrote @ December 27th, 2006 at 9:07 am

Take a look at YourKit .NET profiler ( It’s much better.

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