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Bradbury on IE

Nick Bradbury has an excellent post on how Dvorak is wrong about Internet Explorer (perhaps Dvorak is reading Kevin Burton’s blog).

I agree with Mr. Bradbury on the value that Microsoft brings to developers by making IE easily embeddable into applications. Having this capability built into the OS makes it all the easier for the distribution of new products without the weight of an IE install.

So, yes, I too am glad that Windows has a browser. I do wish it were better and easier to extend; but, I think IE7 will help us there too.

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    Gill Bates wrote @ May 9th, 2006 at 7:13 pm

Nick Bradbury is wrong about IE and John Dvorak is right. The problem with the Windows integrated Internet browser isn’t all its bugs and feature shortcomings, nor its huge history of security faults. No, it’s Microsoft’s decision to not follow standards and make up their own which ruins the day for users and developers.

With the market impact Microsoft has, the reasons for complying to standards should be self-explanatory – also for Microsoft. In case they don’t, here’s why: Internet becomes a nightmare of web pages that doesn’t work as expected and developers tend to ignore anything than what IE handles!

I will go so far that to say Microsoft have ruined everybody’s Internet experience for years and effectfully set back development of Internet – just like the church put a lid on creativity & art in the middle ages.

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ May 10th, 2006 at 8:23 am

I don’t usually respond to the anonymous comment, Gill, but you make a good point though I find your conclusion extreme.

Ruined everybody’s Internet experience for years? Which Internet are you using? Mine is working pretty well.

I agree that not following standards (and making up their own) has caused many problems and loss of developer productivity. It has also produced some good innovation. Use AJAX, I mean DHTML, I mean XMLHttpRequest much?

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