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Notes from BloggerCon IV

A busy week, but I made it.

The first session (that I saw) this morning was led by Phil Torrone. People giving / talking about tools. Many questions about how to do specific things and what tricks people have to get it done (regarding blogging and podcasting). Clearly this stuff is still too hard.
Now (OK — two hours ago), Jay Rosen on Citizen Journalism. Very good topic / question: how do we do “users know more” journalism?

This is often mapped into “open source” journalism. One person suggests it needs a new name to help with the constant argument of “what is journalism?” Not a bad idea. I don’t like the term “open source journalism” because of the double meaning of the word “source”. “Users know more” doesn’t mean that the source of a story (e.g., an involved party) is “open”.

People are struggling (and Jay Rosen) has to keep bringing people back to the topic: how to do “users know more” journalism. I understand that after the talk he said that none of his questions were answered.

An interesting discussion just the same.

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