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User in charge: Nuance

I was at the Users in Charge session of BloggerCon IV the other day led by Chris Pirillo (Dan Farber has a good write up here). Good topic, though I had hoped it was going to be more about how users can insert themselves into product development versus how it turned out: (mostly) complaining about specific applications / hardware. As a developer I was supposed to sit quietly and listen . . .

Anyway, in the spirit of that session, here is something that really drives me crazy: I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The company that sells this is Nuance. They sell some other products. I don’t want them. I don’t want emails from them about these other products, but I do want upgrade information for Dragon. It appears that I have to get emails about all of their products to learn about upgrades. Not so uncommon, but annoying.

I have easily seen 100 of these emails over the years. Certainly irritating, but not that big a deal. I don’t bridle at this like some do. Apparently this isn’t enough though, they have integrated these offers into the Dragon self-update feature. So every once in a while I get a dialog box that pops up. Presumably, it is checking for updates (i.e., bug fixes) for NaturallySpeaking. Even when it doesn’t find any, it tries to sell me other products.

dragoncross.jpg Dragon Update

Can I update without self-update? No, that isn’t actually possible. Can I turn off the promotions in self-update? I can’t figure it out.

What does the user-in-charge do? Complain, certainly. Stop using the product? Not upgrade next time? Maybe.


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