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Losing the meaning of “Death March”

I have noticed a trend: a watering down of the term “death march”.

Robert Scoble is the latest to fall into it: blogging the reason his new show is delayed, he mentions that the PodTech Web team is on a death march.

Death marches (regarding software, anyway) are projects doomed to failure.

I’m pretty certain that isn’t what he means — if he did, I think Robert would be looking for a new new job.


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    Dan Ciruli wrote @ September 19th, 2006 at 8:13 am

That reminds me of the nearly constant misuse of the term “show stopper” in meetings.

In Vaudeville, a “show stopper” was an act that was so good that the crowd interrupted the show with a long, spontaneous ovation. It was, as Martha Stewart would say, a *good*thing*.

Nowadays, in business meetings, “show stopper” is almost used with a negative connotation. I hate that.

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