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Switching Source Control

A few months ago, we decided to stick with VSS for the short term. Aside from its many problems, it was working for us. My biggest beef with it is that branching doesn’t work so well. This becomes more an issue as our team works on more concurrent versions — currently 1.3.x, 1.4, and 2.0 are all at different stages of development.

Well, the short term has passed.

Our options now:

  • Move to VSTS Foundation Server. This seems like the best choice; my only hesitation is that we don’t have the luxury of wholesale process change. If I can do this incrementally (e.g., just move source control there and eventually adopt other parts of it) then that would be OK.
  • Something else: Probably a non-starter around here, but I do like Subversion.
  • Stick with VSS: No action is still an option.

So, to any out there who are working with VSTS FS — is it really conceivable that we just drop it in without too much change in process? I don’t care too much about previous history (most likely I would just load the released versions into source control and toss the the greater VSS history).


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