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SlimDevices Acquired

Logitech has acquired SlimDevices.  Announced here.

SlimDevices will greatly benefit from the greater marketing and manufacturing capabilities of Logitech. 

I do have a couple of concerns about the acquisition.


Logitech is a consumer electronics company, not an audio(phile) products company. 

Looking at the SlimDevices SqueezeBox 3 and their new Transporter, it seems to me they were heading in the direction of mid to high-end product.  These products are well-built and solid and  sound great (at least the squeezebox does — I  haven’t heard a Transporter).  Consumer electronics tend to the light-weight, mass-produced, just cheaper. 

I hope that Logitech / SlimDevices will continue to build a great product.


I chose SlimDevices because of the open nature of their platform.  I just can’t stomach an all-Windows, all iTunes, all anything approach to my music collection.  I am just too particular about inane details.  The SlimDevices SlimServer did (pretty much) everything I wanted it to do from the get go (not the least of which is native FLAC support).   And even better: the entire platform is open. 

Logitech has committed to continuing to support the open platform.  I hope so.

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    Lee wrote @ October 19th, 2006 at 11:09 am

I hope so, too.

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