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No, you didn’t change your Digipede password

Today I received an email spoofed from our domain.  I don’t know if anyone outside the company got it, but others here at Digipede did.  It would just be in my “stupid spam tricks” category except it had a ZIP attachment with an executable in it.  Virus or spyware, I don’t really care.  I didn’t run it.  

The email contained this text:

Dear user robert,
You have successfully updated the password of your Digipede account.
If you did not authorize this change or if you need assistance with your account, please contact Digipede customer service at:
Thank you for using Digipede!
The Digipede Support Team

I left out the correct support address (i.e., support at digipede dot net) above to reduce the efficacy of screen scrapers.  So this is either . . .

A highly targeted attack at a couple of us at Digipede.  If so, hey spammer: how stupid do you think we are? 


A more widely distributed virus.  In which case it appears that Digipede support accounts have achieved the value and penetration of some other applications, like PayPal.  Right?

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