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Don Box and Dave Winer agree

Two guys who know a thing or two about web services and APIs think the new Google Search API is a step backwards.  I agree.

My guess is that some high up at Google thinks of it as a step forwards.  Perhaps someone asked the question:

Why are we providing search results into arbitrary applications, when in fact, we are in the business of serving ads on Web pages?

An AJAX-only API is a fine way to do just that; but like Don Box says:

No matter how you define “web service,” I don’t think this newest offering qualifies.

I’m hoping this is just an anomaly and not a trend, lest we all fall back into the world of opaque/closed protocols.

Google doesn’t have to provide open and interoperable APIs to the world; but, I bet others will. 

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    Dan Ciruli wrote @ December 21st, 2006 at 1:06 pm

Some folks just released EvilAPI, which supports Google’s old SOAP API, but uses good old-fashioned screenscraping (off of Google) to do it.

Not sure how legal it is, but it’s a funny way to keep using Google’s deprecated API.

    Expert Texture » Blog Archive » Good Lawford wrote @ December 29th, 2006 at 1:54 pm

[…] I posted the other day about the deprecation of the Google API.  My take: good for the Google; bad for the gaggle (i.e., the application developers).  Fun to talk about, but there are pragmatic solutions to this.  Something to be scared of?  No. […]

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