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GestureBank Beta 2

The GestureBank beta 2 went live yesterday.  This beta is open.  Go to for more info.  Special thanks to Cori Shlegel for his work to get this done.

The GestureBank will be rolling out new Affinity Service capabilities next.  This is where it will start to really resonate. 

By the way: IE is not supported in this beta (as it was previously); it will take a bit of effort to get a new IE port.  This is because managed extensions are kind of a dead-end for IE.  So the existing managed port will be discarded in favor of an (eventual) unmanaged one written from scratch.  See this (techie) thread for more information: Create a Shell Extension Handler thumbnail extractor with .net?.  In this thread you can think of the words Explorer, Shell, IE, IE6, IE7, and Excel as synonyms. 

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