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To Office 2007

Tuesday, I had lunch with J. LeRoy. 

He probably doesn’t remember it this way, but he convinced me to make the switch to Office 2007.  It went something like this:

Jim (All paraphrased):

  • I have finally given up on Outlook.
  • I’m sick of waiting for five minutes for it to start.
  • It never closes when you click on the ‘x’.
  • Business Contacts Manager constantly asked me to reinstall its database.
  • Which database is that?  I remember installing a database.

and the one that convinced me:

  • It does some really cool things with tasks (and follow-up).

That was it.  I had to install it.

Having the tools to manage my to-do list efficiently is kind of my Holy Grail. I have tried various tools and not been happy with any of them.  So I have fallen back to using tasks in Outlook which are synchronized with my Treo.

This works okay, but Outlook 2003 treats tasks as some kind of afterthought.

Outlook 2007 is a much better job with providing a usable UX integrating tasks (and the calendar) across many different views.

And for me, it doesn’t take very long to start.  It also closes when I click on the ‘x’.   I suspect that Jim is having add-in trouble.  Something (probably Business Contacts Manager) is keeping Outlook alive when it shouldn’t.

Now, I’m using the entire Office Ultimate suite.  More on that as I actually start to use it.

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    JeffW wrote @ March 7th, 2007 at 3:22 pm

Wondering if you have tried OneNote 2007? (or the previous for that matter)
Could be a good cross-gadget catch-all for random bits of info. If the searchability and usability are sufficient . . .
I find that Google Desktop Search (and prior to that LookOut and MS Search) has made finding info relatively easy (rather than worrying endlessly about proper and relevant structuring of folders and files and filenames). So, using One Note to capture all kinds of bits of info sounds like a good extension.

Does OneNote sync well to/from your 700w?

Why the heck doesn’t the 700w match the 700p’s hi-res (320×320)? Bothersome!

    Jim Benson wrote @ March 7th, 2007 at 4:09 pm

Yeah, I remember once when we were kids and I said, “Turpentine is poisonous and burns out your throat and intestines and makes you go blind and sort of taste minty.”

Robert was all, “Minty? I sure love minty!”

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ March 7th, 2007 at 9:56 pm

Jeff — I have looked at OneNote 2007; but, I haven’t really used it. I used the previous OneNote a bit and found the UI too wierd. I’ll try 2007 again (probably at the next conference I attend). I doubt it works well with the 700w — there is so little available RAM on it that it is best to stick with the most basic of apps.

Jim — ha ha. My bet is that Outlook 2007 hasn’t actually killed anybody yet.

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