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FeedDemon.Next or Outlook 2007?

As noted before, I recently started using Outlook 2007.  It has improved my ability to track the myriad tasks on my list.  Mainly this is due to its merging standard todo items with emails marked for follow up* in a single view.

This means I’m doing a much better job of getting back to emails than I used to.  In fact, this has caused me to re-consolidate all of my email reading into Outlok 2007 (abandoning gmail).  

Now in one place, with one view, I can see all the items on my list (of course, there are still too many, but that is another story).

There is still one thing missing, though:

FeedDemon is my RSS reader of choice.  I often flag items there to read later; however, I rarely ever go back and read those posts.

I would like to see my flagged items (email and RSS) and todos together in Outlook 2007.  How to solve this problem?

  1. FeedDemon changes (best, because then I get everything I want):
    1. FeedDemon begins supporting Outlook 2007 tasks, perhaps the way OneNote 2007 does.
    2. Alternatively, FeedDemon begins (optionally) using the Windows RSS Platform (presumably flags and “read” settings are persisted in the store, though I don’t know). 
  2. Or I change: I start using Outlook as an aggregator.  I used to do this with NewsGator in Outlook 2003.  The experience was painful (don’t know if I should blame Outlook, NewsGator, or user error here).  Maybe it is better now.

Thoughts or suggestions anyone?

* And tasks linked with OneNote and, as I understand, Project tasks.

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    Jim Benson wrote @ April 7th, 2007 at 4:29 pm

I like 1.2 the best.

One of your biggest issues is going to be that, for some reason, Outlook 2007 uses Word as its HTML and RSS rendering engine. I’m not sure why IE wasn’t chosen.

The issue here is that Word is a horrific renderer. So your posts may be even more miserably formatted than normal feeds are.

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ April 8th, 2007 at 6:51 am

Yeah, I know. I haven’t really dealt with it yet. Now that I have a new machine, I have to make a decision. I would love it if FeedDemon could integrate with Outlook’s flags; however, from NewsGator/FeedDemon/Nick Bradbury’s point of view, this is probably just a crackpot idea. And I wouldn’t blame them.

    aamer wrote @ March 1st, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Some sort of integration between feeddemon and onenoe would really be helpful.

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