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MSR, AIDS Research, and Digipede

Microsoft Research has just released a set of tools (both binaries and source code) to help in the search for an AIDS vaccine (full text of the press release here).   I am very excited about this announcement and happy to have played a small part in it.

As Dan Fay announced, these tools run on the Digipede Network. 

But what part did I play in this?  I built a wrapper of the PhyloD model to distribute onto the Digipede Network.  This version is the basis for the PhyloDDN project on the CodePlex site. 

And what am I excited about?  Using PhyloDDN to distribute the model across the Digipede Network allows, well, you know, radically improved application performance!  I’m excited that our product will (and is) being used for this important project.

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