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Digipede Network 2.0

image The software is done, the press releases out, John and Dan talking about it in New York.  I can’t say I’m the first to announce it, but I may be the most glad that it is finished and released.


What is new?  A bunch of stuff, but I am most excited about . . .

  • Many changes have been made to Digipede Control — it is easier to use and looks better
  • The Digipede SDK now has tighter integration with Visual Studio 2005: now it is really easy to debug both sides of your Digipede applications.
  • Integrated Windows security

Of course, there are also improvements to the API, performance improvements, and more. 

Soon I will also be announcing the release of Java and PowerShell support in the form of fully functional samples with binaries (for those of you not interested in the details).

And now with 2.0 out, maybe I can find the time to blog a bit more 😉

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    Chen wrote @ December 13th, 2007 at 12:22 am

We have been tring to call power shell from Java, but we recieve output only after java process ends. do you have such examples yet?


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