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LINQ with the Digipede Network

I’ve been playing with LINQ here at Digipede for various reasons, one of which is to put together a sample for using LINQ on top of the Digipede APIs.  I haven’t gotten together any code to post (primarily because I’ve been pushing on our PowerShell SnapIn in my “spare” time).

A pleasant surprise this morning: Matt Davey posted a code sample on his blog: GridLINQ and Digipede.

I knew he was working on something.  Yesterday, Nathan helped Matt with some installation issues (kudos to Nathan and thanks to Matt for the assist).  Anyway, at some point Nathan says to me:

You know, Rob, you should connect with Matt on IM.  He tells me he tried LINQ with the Digipede Network and “it just worked”.  He’s IM’ing me about it and I’ve never even seen a line of LINQ code!

Thanks for the posting, Matt.  Keep up the posts and we’ll put you up for Digipede MVP!

BTW: It looks like Matt’s sample will run on either Digipede Network 1.3 or 2.0 — I want to point out, though, that Digipede Framework collections only started supporting IEnumerable<T> directly in version 2.0; so v2.0 is more LINQ friendly.

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