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A few things I like about VS2008

Leaving out all .NET enhancements, here are a few things I like about VS2008:

  • Down-level .NET support.  This makes the upgrade much easier for those of us who still support older versions of Windows that don’t support the new versions of .NET.  I wish they had gone a step further — I’ll write that up in a companion post.
  • Doesn’t require elevation.  I recently started using UAC again (i.e., I turned it back on) and found it annoying that I couldn’t drop files into VS2005 (since it runs elevated and Explorer does not).  It is important that VS2008 works unelevated, because UAC is important.  If you make it too hard for devs to use UAC, they’ll turn it off.  And as I know from personal experience, they won’t be as motivated to support it. 
  • Supports application manifest files as a project property (instead of through custom post-build steps).  We just implemented this manually for the “Certified for Server 2008 Logo” and I was very happy to eliminate that in favor of direct tool support.
  • It seems to start about 100 times faster than VS2005. I’m not kidding.
  • The Source Control “Annotate” feature — glad it got rolled into the release.  I like the fact that it is available directly from the history menu, making it much easier to find when some line of code was introduced.

Just a few things.  I’m sure I’ll find more soon.

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