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All Together Now — don’t call it ‘D’

Of course there is APL (A Programming Language), B (boiled down from BCPL), C et al., and T (a dialect of Scheme which is a dialect of Lisp).

And, while there are several languages called ‘D’, Microsoft seems to be building a new one.  At least it has the code name ‘D’.  This is apparently not the same as the “D Programming Language”, but appears to be a declarative language relying heavily on XML (or XAML).

Please Microsoft, if you are going to stick with the letter ‘D’, disambiguate it.  Call it

  • D#; or
  • Visual-D; or
  • D.NET; or
  • DEE; or
  • MSD; or
  • something else.  I hope this last one is the leading contender.

But whatever you do, make it searchable.  The only thing making it easy to find useful information about .NET on the Web is that most .NET bloggers use C#.  C# is searchable.  .NET is not.  Nor, by the way, was COM (and I hope you aren’t getting any ideas about using the word ORG or MIL for new technology names).

So, Microsoft and .NET community, please join in me in the refrain:

A, B, C, T, please don’t call your language D,

E, F, G, H, I, J, disambiguate.

All Together Now.

Apologies for the extra syllable.

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    Shannon Whitley wrote @ February 7th, 2008 at 12:28 pm

Great post. You are dead on. General .NET searches are so painful. At least C# usually produces something worthwhile. I feel for the “C” developers out there.

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