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An SP1 by any other name would . . .

Mary Jo Foley writes there’s no Windows Server 2008 SP1 in the works.

Why?  Because the first RTM of Server 2008 is called Windows Server 2008 SP1.  This is due to Server 2008 and Vista sharing the same core code and components.


This makes only marginal sense, and then only if Microsoft commits to keeping the service packs synchronized across the Windows 6 product family.  I think this will be less confusing to customers.  We’ll see if this synchronization happens. 

Regardless of Microsoft’s plans, the SP1 designation on Server 2008 is misleading.  Most of the server components of Windows 6 will remain without a service pack until SP2.

Customers who like to wait for initial service packs still will — unless they are duped into thinking they’ve already got it.

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