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Ozzie @ MIX08

This is the first of three posts on the MIX08 keynotes.  This is like live blogging without the live, since I’m writing this in Oakland.image  You can follow my comments at

Ray Ozzie

Ray Ozzie opened the MIX08 conference keynotes talking about the overall Microsoft strategy.  He said all the right things about the transition to the cloud.   Talked about three principles (social device mesh, business, fabric of small pieces).  No surprises here. 

In the context of the world of connected systems, he said (paraphrased) . . .

Magic of software to bring them all together into . . .a mesh

I love the expression “the magic of software”.  Of course, we developers are not magicians, but when things are done right there is a real feeling of magic.  This is especially true when disparate systems begin working together through elegant and open standards.

He spent most of his time talking about 5 scenarios . . . here are some thoughts.

1. Connected devices

His vision of bringing your different devices together reminds me of the Blackberry Enterprise Server, but for consumer devices.

2. Connected entertainment

License media / collections (playlists) / subscriptions  once, use any device for playback.  This is kind of a holy grail, I think.  If this is managed through a SilverLight runtime we may have a hope that it is across devices.

3. Connected productivity

Office PC, Office Mobile, Office Live — seamlessly allow users to work across devices, using the right tool at the right time.  No info on licensing costs, or on the details of Office Mobile.  If the Mobile story requires Windows Mobile, then this isn’t so compelling.

4. Connected Business

Exchange in cloud.  Other services too.  Good.  Very good. 

5. Connected Development

Of course, .NET + Silverlight, Expression, . . . Good stuff.

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