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Come on Google, support i-names for OpenID!

Playing with the Google Friend Connect demos last night, I found that my i-name doesn’t work as an OpenID.  No big deal, after all it is a preview release.

Today I went to add a comment on a blog and tried my i-name there.  Nope.


What’s up, Google?  Why aren’t you supporting i-names?  Oversight, planned for release, bug, or politics?  I really hope it isn’t the latter.

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    Shii wrote @ May 18th, 2008 at 10:53 pm

lol, i-names, selling you an ID everyone else gets for free

    Robert W. Anderson wrote @ May 19th, 2008 at 6:18 am

It is about control.

This is like the distinction between owning your own domain to host your own services (blog, email, etc) or using free services. One costs you money and gives you control and the other is free.

When adds features that piss off the users, I think “sure am glad I’m not relying on”. That is, in fact, the genesis of this blog. My leaving a provider because I was angry that they started inserting advertisements without giving me any say in the matter (or notice).

What do you do when you decide you don’t want your identity tied to myopenid or Google? Or if the service begins to suck? Change your OpenID and all accounts that rely on it? With an i-name you can transfer it to another provider. Granted, you can host OpenID on your own domain. But that isn’t exactly free either.

Some people value free over control. You must be one of them.

I am willing to pay a price for control.

Laugh out loud about what exactly?

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