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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson too

I am  I am still  I don’t expect to drop Twitter.  Oh, and I’m

On its own, is interesting because of its promise more than anything else.  I do like:

  • It has a clean UI.
  • It supports OpenID as a logon.
  • It supports XMPP.
  • Twhirl supports it with XMPP!  Very cool.
  • I would like to see it supporting GNIP.

A couple of observations about these kinds of services:

  • I want a simplified user experience here.  I want one consolidated view across these types of services and the ability to update once and submit everywhere. 
  • I believe Twhirl is working on this.
  • We need a web-only solution.  This might be Friendfeed, but only if Friendfeed can aggregate views of those I follow across services.
  • We need a Twhirl for mobile.  Maybe TwitterBerry can go this way?
  • I really like the XMPP update, and I like using my GMail account for it — because of searchable history — but I don’t like getting duplicate messages in GTalk and Twhirl.  One solution and a question:
    • I can use a separate GMail account for these kinds of updates.  Not ideal.
    • Can Jabber servers understand a preferred client for messages sent by a specific contact?  That way updates could go only to Twhirl, if Twhirl is connected.


    BTW: this post is testing WordIdentica a WordPress plugin for  This should send a dent to when I update my blog.  I use to do the same for Twitter.

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