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Live Framework

David Treadwell announced the Live Framework at the PDC2008 this morning.  Live Services is the collection of Live Messenger, Contacts, etc., plus Live Mesh.  Live Framework is the set of APIs to program against Windows Live Services. 

This is very cool stuff.  There are two things here that I think are significant:

  1. A programmable synchronization platform.
  2. An application framework for installing/running applications across multiple devices.

This is very exciting stuff, but now back to my old saw.

I really want to see Live Framework go beyond Windows Mobile devices to every major mobile platform.  This means the Apple, RIM, Google, Nokia platforms, etc.

My main reason?  A major value proposition of Live Framework is phone device support.  Duh.  But, I don’t want to invest my time and data in Live Mesh applications if it comes with a lock-in to the Windows Mobile platform.

Given the discussion at a partner meeting yesterday about Windows Mobile, I think this will be a pretty common feeling.

Microsoft may not be able to make this happen, of course, but I hope they really try.

BTW: We interviewed David on Gillmor Gang 04.25.08 specifically talking about Live Mesh.

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