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Why ‘Azure’?

Mary Jo Foley asks, Why ‘Azure’?  She uses Anand Iyer’s answer (from his post):

Azure is a vibrant, dynamic and uplifting color. Azure is also linked to the image of the blue sky and, by extension, ‘the cloud.’

I think there is a more direct association between azure and the Windows cloud:

  1. Clouds are opaque. 
  2. If you put a window in a cloud, you can see through to the clear sky.
  3. The clear sky is azure.

So, Windows in the Cloud == Windows Azure

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    Amyloo wrote @ November 12th, 2008 at 5:25 am

I figured it meant it wasn’t just associated with the sky — but that it _was_ the sky, a container for clouds, making it the platform. Bigger than the cloud, a hierarchical order above it.

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