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IronPython-ipede (Part I)

I have been taking a closer look at IronPython for a prospective customer.  Never being happy with “shoulds”, I am going to show how to distribute IronPython objects on the Digipede Network.

The first thing I did get our old Python sample running in IronPython.  This was the first user-contributed sample (thanks to Sean True).  That sample (see it here) uses Python COM libraries to invoke a job with the Digipede Network COM APIs.  This didn’t submit objects, just executed a command-line application.

I’m happy to say that the code required very little modification to run under IronPython.  The only difference is in the syntax of the “import” commands.  Kudos to the IronPython team.

I’ll post the working code once I get a little farther.

Next step: distribute IronPython objects.  Fairly straightforward, but I’ll write a reusable C# Executive to load the IronPython class definition.

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