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Live Messenger Team: no connectivity popups!

I’ve been seeing lots of problems with Live Messenger connectivity lately.  I see this message a lot:


I don’t ever want Live Messenger to interrupt my work with that dialog.

If connectivity fails, use a notification balloon, or better yet, do nothing.  The red X on the tray icon already signifies trouble.  Let me drill down to find out more info.  This is a bad design decision.

If I dismiss the dialog, it will happen again.  And if I don’t dismiss it?  Well,

I left my machine from 9pm till 11am today and found my taskbar full:


Apparently Live Messenger thinks it is so important that I can’t connect that it needs to keep telling me.  Or at least telling the task bar.  This is a bug.

Live Messenger Team:  Please fix this.  I’m sure several of your myriad guidelines for Windows developers eschews any and all of this behavior. 

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