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One Windows to rule them all

Jason Hiner from ZDNet gives some credit to Microsoft for the new approach, but shares my opinion that the one-size fits all approach is a tried and failed:

I would have thought Microsoft learned its lesson here. It has already tried to take the full version of Windows 7 and run it on tablets. These “slates” — as Microsoft calls tablets — have gotten trounced by the iPad. Now, Microsoft has decided to take the full version of Windows and make sweeping UI changes so that it’s much more tablet-friendly and then apply all of those changes to the standard desktop/laptop version of Windows as well. Say what?

My comparison to the old Windows Mobile world, although not technically “One Windows to rule them all”, covers similar ground.

As a developer, I love the idea of write once and run everywhere, but in today’s world that applies to only one technology HTML5 and JavaScript.  It just doesn’t apply to the OS.

The users have already spoken on this.  And they are right on so many levels.

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    Savas Parastatidis wrote @ June 6th, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Disclaimer: I don’t work for the Windows org and i have absolutely no insight about their plans. In fact, I only saw the new UI at the same time as the rest of the world. What follows is just my personal opinion…

I wonder whether folks are considering the following… Could it be that “Windows” is just the kernel and the set of services/functionality that it provides, adjusted to the capabilities of the underlying hardware? The experience can then be adjusted, following a common UX theme based on Metro, according what can be done with the available screen estate, hardware, input devices, and so on. The huge benefit for developers and consumers would be the common platform. We standardize on the apps/tasks that we can perform, following a common UX theme, rather than on a set of windows and a chrome. I can access the same applications on my phone, laptop, desktop, TV, Xbox, and so on. Everything gets synced with the cloud. When I use “windows, I use the entire ecosystem. In my mind (again, this is a personal opinion), “Windows” represents the ecosystem that is being built to support my entire experience around apps/services.

I’d like to emphasize again that this represents my personal experience :-)


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