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WinFx is Dead Part 2

After I posted WinFx is Dead, I’ve gotten two kinds of comments: Didn’t you hear that WinFx has been renamed .NET 3.0? What rock have you been hiding under? Well, yes, I have heard that — my point wasn’t that the name WinFx is dead, it is that the concept of WinFx is dead. Really, […]

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WinFx is dead

From mdavey: Longhorn “Server Core” doesn’t have .NET? No managed code. From the referenced article, Server Core Program Manager (Andrew) Mason says his development team wants to add the .NET Framework to Server Core, but they first need the Framework team to modularize the code so they can add just the essentials. Another example of […]

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More on the death of WinFx (Part 3)

Andrew Hilton recently commented on WinFx is Dead Part 2.  I am promoting it to a post so I can better comment on the comments. Andrew says: I’m of the opinion that it is not yet the official windows API because it simply wasn’t ready, and using .NET 2 with WinForms would have been too […]

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2nd Microsoft ISV CTO Summit

I’m coming back from the 2nd Microsoft ISV CTO Summit up in Redmond (I blogged about the first one here).  A good trip with worthwhile content.  I’m not sure any of it was really new, but I did see some cool stuff: Expression Blend The tool for designers to design and build WPF projects.  Definitely […]

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Ballmer @ MIX08

A little late, but here are my notes on the Steve Ballmer keynote at MIX08. The Q & A format was certainly better than having Steve Ballmer just talk for an hour, though I got a little tired of Guy Kawasaki’s cracks at Ballmer — about his wealth and method of travel, how Microsoft “should […]

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Microsoft postpones PDC and more

Robert Scoble had a great post on the PDC and what is going on at Microsoft.   I liked it so much I included most of it here with my comments. The PDC stands for “Professional Developer’s Conference.” It happens only when Microsoft knows it’ll have a major new platform to announce. Usually a new version of […]

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