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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson


I am a software developer and architect, entrepreneur, consultant, and CTO.

I am the CTO of Olivine.
I am the CTO of Digipede Technologies.

I have been developing software since I was a kid and professionally since being a Freshman at Cal. Since then I have helped build a couple of companies as the software architect / technology lead. While my primary responsibility is generally planning, designing, and building product I have also been responsible for or directly involved in most every aspect of the business. I’ve been on company boards, managed human resources, hired and fired, performed technical selling and evangelism, worked through various due-diligence processes, sold a company, etc.. Aside from building software, one of my favorite things to do is to discuss business approaches and opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs.

This blog tracks my thoughts on software, process, tools, technologies. I am particularly interested in issues of extending identity into the social space, affinity, user contracts, and underpinning it all, scalability.

This is my blog and is not endorsed by anyone. Disclaimer here.

In terms of technologies, I’ve spent most of my professional career working with the Microsoft stack.  I have worked with C++, VB, MFC, COM/DCOM, ATL, data access technologies from ODBC to ADO.NET and Astoria, Java, MSMQ, SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, FreeBSD, Sun/OS, and more.  For a number of years now I have also been working with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, generally on Linux distributions.

Feel free to contact me at [robert] [at] [rwandering] [dot] [net] or use my i-name contact page.

I am also a member of the Gillmor Gang. Once a member, always a member.

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P.S.:  This blog (and domain) is, and is pronounced R followed by the word wandering (i.e., are-wandering, or are \-ˌˈwän-dəriŋ.

P.S.2: This blog was called Expert Texture. It had little meaning, but here’s another clue (…fya…): I almost gave this blog the tag line: “OHNONOTHIMAGAIN,” said Little Nicola.

P.S.3: I think about renaming this dadsome, a name my son calls me. I kind of like it.

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