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March 2013 Already?

Time is really flying; some people tell me this is because of the kids, I don’t know.  They certainly eliminate fill my free time and their changing height is a daily reminder.  Anyway, . . .

Had a chance to check out a Tesla S Performance the other day — thanks @oaktowner.  Very impressive.  I can see why people call it the iPhone of cars.  This comparison is helped by what looks like a giant iPad in the center console.  It is certainly *very* nice inside and has all sorts of small touches that are very cool (e.g., the charging port is hidden under a reflector on the back left light group).

They aren’t as expensive as I thought they were either, although I’m unfortunately not getting a PEV until my home parking situation changes. And granted, my next car will likely be something where I’m not afraid of the kids messing it up 😉



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