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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

migrating to

I am migrating this blog from to

This should be transparent, but if I lose you in the process, you’ll know why.


Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

Love the new administrative interface.  Much cleaner and more configurable.

And I’m happy to say that the OpenID plugin finally works for me.  I don’t know why it started working, but I’m not complaining.

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image Last weekend, my parked Audi was hit by a speeding vehicle.  The damage was pretty major: body, mechanical damage, and a bent frame.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Yesterday, my insurance carrier has declared the car a total loss.

It was in good condition with only 48000 miles on it.  I planned on keeping the car for a few more years. 

These things happen.  On to plan B. 

But I am irked about the timing.  I planned to make my next car a hybrid.  Gas prices have spiked.  Hybrids have gone up in price and I understand that some models have wait-lists.  For example, if I want a Prius, I might have to wait months.

Now what do I do?

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More blog changes

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1 with its new tagging support — very cool that they included an importer from Ultimate Tag Warrior.

Added my twitter feed to the sidebar.  You can follow me at

Added new phone-only templates:  both iPhone and Windows Mobile users should see a simplified version of my blog.

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Blog changes

I published a few changes to my blog template today. 

  1. Upgraded to WordPress 2.1.
  2. Added some plugins:
    1. Feedburner Feed Replacement
    2. Feed Locations 
    3. Sidebar Widgets
    4. Ultimate Tag Warrior Widget
  3. Whole new template with dual floating sidebars (from the image on the left to the one on the right).
Old TextureNew Texture








This post is mostly for me so I can remember when I have made a change, but comments are welcome.

Update: I can see that the sidebar padding is wrong in Firefox, but looks perfect in IE.  Why, why, why do we still have to deal with these incompatibilities?  Argh.

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Dan calls bloggers to the carpet

It looks like Dan Ciruli has decided to challenge a whole slew of bloggers.  The challenge?  66,795 pushups and crunches next year.

Savas and Pirillo: I know you both lost a lot of weight in 2006–maybe you’re looking to firm up those newly svelted bodies? Shahar – how about getting the Excel Services team on board? Jim Benson, your cousin Robert sure did a lot of pushups this year; think you can top him next year? Brad Feld, you certainly know a thing or two about athletic goals (50 marathons in 50 states before he’s 50), I’m sure you could do this without sweating. Carl Franklin, you think .NET rocks, but did you know that pushups rock? Dan Fay, Joe Duffy, Mark Schmidt, David Gainer: they won’t be calling you Microsofties in 2007. Jason Follas, think you can manage 19 pushups the second day of CodeMash? Nick Carr, IT may be dead, but calisthenics are alive and kicking! And of course: Scoble made some big changes in 2006–how about making some more in 2007?

What’s next?  An arm-wrestling match?

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This blog gets a year older

That is, now it is 1. I started blogging on September 3rd, 2005 just before going to PDC05. Back then the blog has a different name (Mind From R. Wandering) and was hosted elsewhere, but it is essentially the same. According to WP Admin, this is my 193rd post.

If my readership continues to increase at even a fraction of the same rate, everyone in the universe will be reading my blog within the year.

Long live the divide-by-zero joke. 😉


OOF, OTG, . . .

I am out of facility for the next week. Off the grid. Disconnected. Laptopless and without an Internet cafe. I expect lousy cell connectivity.

In Antarctica?

Nope, just on vacation with the family.



I am trying out Shannon Whitley’s FeedLinx email subscription service for publishers.

First, the Verification link.

Then, the new subscription icon:

I’m also adding this to my email subscriptions page.

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Updated to WordPress 2.0.1

It looks like my feed reader just duplicated all of my posts — I don’t know if that is because I updated to WordPress 2.0.1 or if it is because I changed the # of items in feed.

Other than that, the blog remains the same.


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