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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

Come on Google, support i-names for OpenID!

Playing with the Google Friend Connect demos last night, I found that my i-name doesn’t work as an OpenID.  No big deal, after all it is a preview release.

Today I went to add a comment on a blog and tried my i-name there.  Nope.


What’s up, Google?  Why aren’t you supporting i-names?  Oversight, planned for release, bug, or politics?  I really hope it isn’t the latter.

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Please, get off of Blogger

Most of the time I lose track of where people blog. I only view posts in my reader.

I’m constandly reminded that some are on Blogger because their feeds keep switching back and forth between full and partial: Dan Ciruli, Kim Greenlee, Dr. Chadblog. I’m sure many others.

I understand the switching cost (I’ve done it twice now), but please get off of Blogger. Use a tool that works. is free and it works. Use that.


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