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Review of Practical .NET2 and C#2 (Coming)

I’ve started reading Practical .NET2 and C#2 with the intention of reviewing it. Even though the book is intended for beginner to intermediate programmers, I’ve already learned some things I missed while porting to .NET 2.0. When my review is done, I’ll post it as a new article.

It is written by Patrick Smacchia, author of the excellent NDepend. If you haven’t used that, go and check it out. Once our code is all Code Anaylsis-clean, I’ll probably play with using its Code-Query-Language (CQL) to enforce other standards.

Note to Patrick: I would have called it ILQL for Intermediate-Language Query Language (pronounced ill-quill) since CQL is presumably prounounced sequel. My guess is that this pronunciation match was intentional (and it is kind of cute), but in describing it to others I’ve had to call it by other names so I don’t confuse them (e.g., “not-SQL” and “code query language”).

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