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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

Dan calls bloggers to the carpet

It looks like Dan Ciruli has decided to challenge a whole slew of bloggers.  The challenge?  66,795 pushups and crunches next year.

Savas and Pirillo: I know you both lost a lot of weight in 2006–maybe you’re looking to firm up those newly svelted bodies? Shahar – how about getting the Excel Services team on board? Jim Benson, your cousin Robert sure did a lot of pushups this year; think you can top him next year? Brad Feld, you certainly know a thing or two about athletic goals (50 marathons in 50 states before he’s 50), I’m sure you could do this without sweating. Carl Franklin, you think .NET rocks, but did you know that pushups rock? Dan Fay, Joe Duffy, Mark Schmidt, David Gainer: they won’t be calling you Microsofties in 2007. Jason Follas, think you can manage 19 pushups the second day of CodeMash? Nick Carr, IT may be dead, but calisthenics are alive and kicking! And of course: Scoble made some big changes in 2006–how about making some more in 2007?

What’s next?  An arm-wrestling match?

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